Fastjet faces minor setbacks

Sensitive negotiations have set the UK based airline company back.

Airline 1time. Picture:

JOHANNESBURG - A sensitive negotiation process has set the UK based airline company Fastjet's plans from operating in South Africa this festive season back.

A provisional agreement was signed between the low-cost African airline and the recently bankrupted local carrier 1Time just three weeks ago.

But 1Time's liquidation company, Tshwane Trust, said it was confident 1Time's planes will take to the skies again next year.

The trust's Aviwe Ndyamara said the negotiations are going well, but several organisations still have to sign off on the deal.

"We're talking about the Civil Aviation Authority, the department of transport and the Johannesburg Stock exchange requirements."

He said Fastjet will be able to announce the reopening of 1Time when the return date for final liquidation papers are filed in February.