Five die on 'Road of Death'

Two women and little children are the latest victims of road accidents this festive.

Two people when killed when a Toyota Venture lost control on the N3 near Bulgowan on 22 December. Picture: ER24

CAPE TOWN - Beaufort West traffic officials say a Lesotho woman and her two children were killed in an accident on the N1's so-called Road of Death stretch.

A car and a mini-bus taxi collided head-on near Leeu Gamka earlier.

Beaufort West Traffic Chief Willie van Rooi said, "A lady and her two children aged three and one died."

He said two other people died in an accident 15kms outside Beaufort West late on Saturday night.

"A motorist from Ceres, who was travelling to the Eastern Cape, lost control of his vehicle. One lady and a child died on the scene."

Meanwhile, head on collisions remain a major concern as the country's roads continue to claim more lives.

Saturday at least 18 people were killed in accidents in the country's roads.

The latest figures show that the death toll on the country's roads is fast approaching 800.

The Road Traffic Management Corporation's Ashraf Ismail says road users must take responsibility for their behaviour as law enforcement can only do so much.

"Before you overtake a vehicle on a two-way road, ask yourself if it's legal, is it safe and it is worthwhile?"