Number of accidents should drop - RTMC

At least 13 people died in various accidents around the country on Saturday.

The wreckage of a car involved in an accident on the N1 between Laingsburg and Beaufort Wes on Sunday 16 December 2012. Picture: Melvyn Boiskin/iWitness.

JOHANNESBURG - The Road Traffic Management Corporation (RTMC) on Saturday said it expects the number of fatal accidents to decrease as traffic volumes go down.

At least 13 people were killed in various accidents around the country on Saturday alone.

The RTMS' Ashraf Ismail said so far, a total of 765 people have been killed in 638 fatal crashes this month alone.

"The major arterial routes are beginning to recede.

"That being the N1 where we had over 2,000 vehicles at one stage today as well as the N3 direction south from Johannesburg towards Durban which is just coming in now at 700 vehicles."

In the Western Cape, traffic officials said six people lost their lives on roads in the province this weekend.

Two people were killed when their vehicle overturned near Doring Bay, while another person died in a collision involving a car and taxi in Wellington on Friday night.

Provincial Traffic Chief Kenny Africa also said a one-year-old child was among those killed.

"Since the 1st of December till the 21st December last year, 109 people died on the roads in the Western Cape.

"This year from the 1st December to date, 114 people have died.

"Currently there are five fatalities more than last year."

Africa urged motorists who are taking long distance trips to rest regularly.