Mkhize looks into ANC's finances

The party will settle its debts, once the Zweli Mkhize reviews its finances.

ANC treasurer-general Zweli Mkhize addressed a media conference on finance resolutions at the Mangaung conference. Picture: ANC.

JOHANNESBURG - The African National Congress (ANC) confirmed on Saturday that its newly-elected treasurer-general Zweli Mkhize has been tasked with conducting a full review of its debts.

The ruling party said once a review has been completed, it will begin organising payments owed to various service providers.

The statement followed a report in The Star about a small business owner who claimed the ANC is yet to pay him over R 500,000 for electrical services provided during the party's centenary celebrations in January.

According to the report, businessman Kevin Hughes said he was enlisted by events company VWV.

Hughes claims he was only paid a deposit of R434,922 and that he is still owed R533,240.

On Thursday, Mkhize presented a report on the party's finances at a media briefing where he reiterated the opinion of his forerunner, Mathews Phosa.

Mkhize said the party needed more financial discipline to ensure that the ANC does not exceed its available funds.

The ANC mainly relies on membership fees to raise revenue, along with proceeds from its investment vehicles‚ as well as donations from individuals and business.

An increase in membership fees was among the proposals tabled ahead of Mangaung. Mkhize, however, said on Thursday the fee will remain unchanged.