NEC to decide future of ANCYL

Mangaung delegates say the future of the ANCYL will now be decided by the ANC's NEC.

Expelled ANCYL president Julius Malema prepares to address miners from Aurora Mine in August. Picture: Taurai Maduna/EWN

MANGAUNG - The future of the ANC Youth League (ANCYL) will now be decided by the ANC's national executive committee (NEC).

The ANC on Wednesday announced the NEC would be tasked with intervening in the matters of the youth league, and this may mean the league will be forced to have a special congress to elect new leaders.

Delegates from Mpumalanga asked the conference to disband the league because the body only has acting leadership and refuses to elect a replacement for expelled ANCYL president Julius Malema.

The way the youth league criticises the ANC also came under the spotlight, with delegates saying it is acting as if it is an independent body.

Malema sent a letter to Secretary General Gwede Mantashe's office this week, asking to be reinstated to full membership of the ANC.

But the letter arrived too late, said Mantashe.

The party's National Disciplinary Committee moved to expel Malema in April, after he told a gathering at the Wits University in March that President Jacob Zuma had turned the ANC into an unbearable dictatorship.

Malema's attempts to get the decision overturned and reviewed failed.


At the same time, the newly elected NEC has been tasked with rehabilitating the relationship between the ANC and its youth league.

Commissioner on Organisational Renewal and Strategy and Tactics, Febe Potgieter-Gqubule, said the state of the ANCYL was robustly debated last night.

"There was quite a robust debate about this matter and the notion that was eventually adopted by the plenary was that the NEC [be] given the mandate to urgently intervene."

The youth league and its mother body have had a turbulent relationship over the past few years.

This latest move is the climax of problems that struck the league since Malema was elected its leader in 2008.

That conference descended into chaos, with one delegate removing his trousers in protest.

Malema then decided to publicly fight Zuma - and lost.

Now it seems it could be Zuma himself who will play a major role in deciding whether to shut the league down.

The results of the vote for the newly elected NEC are expected to be announced this morning.

The Mangaung conference programme is well behind schedule though.