Woman turns to tik to lose weight

A woman, who was trying to lose weight, ended up being hooked on tik.

A Lavender Hill mother addicted to tik. Picture: Giovanna Gerbi/EWN

CAPE TOWN - A local woman has told Eyewitness News she became a tik addict to lose weight.

The woman has spoken out as part of Lead SA's Drug Watch Campaign launched in November in conjunction with law enforcement agencies.

Since then, police have made 1,666 arrests and seized R2.6 million worth of drugs.

The Lavender Hill mother of two says she was in an unhappy marriage.

She would then over-eat and ultimately, this led to depression.

She then used drugs to control her weight.

When Eyewitness News entered Jamie-Lee's flat, she was scrubbing the floors.

The 48-year-old reveals that tik not only helped her to shed 30kgs, but also gives her loads of energy to clean her home from top to bottom every day.

When she does not have any money for the drug, she stays in bed and sleeps.

Jamie-Lee says she does odd jobs to get money for habit, but says others sell their bodies for their next hit.

"When people are desperate, they sell their bodies."

She says she only takes in dairy products when using tik.

"You must drink milk so that your body stays strong."

Jamie-Lee vowed to get clean one day, so that she can get a job again and lead a better life.