Govt breaks silence on Madiba

After three days of silence, the presidency finally revealed the state of Madiba’s health.

Nelson Mandela. Picture: Lyoness.TV.

JOHANNESBURG - Finally breaking the silence after three days, the presidency announced on Tuesday Nelson Mandela is doing well in hospital.

A statement was released on Tuesday night.

It said the former president was receiving extra care at a Pretoria hospital after being treated for a lung infection and undergoing a procedure to remove gallstones.

Concerns have been raised about government's transparency after officials remained tight-lipped about Madiba's condition for three days.

The fact that Madiba had his gallstones removed was only revealed after the procedure.

The presidency said doctors were in no hurry to send him home just yet, and would wait until they were satisfied with his progress.

The presidency's Mac Maharaj said he saw Madiba on Tuesday.

"He was looking much better."

The lack of communication from government and misleading statements about which hospital Madiba is being treated is being criticised by the public and the media.