ANC NEC voting underway

As delegates vote for a new NEC, ANC President Jacob Zuma interacted with corporates.

ANC delegates sing during the opening of the party's 53rd National Conference in Mangaung on 16 December 2012. Picture: ANC Pix

MANGAUNG - President Jacob Zuma on Wednesday interacted with corporates on the sidelines of the party's national conference in Mangaung.

This as delegates voted for the National Executive Committee (NEC).

Various companies exhibited at the Progressive Business Forum (PBF) marquee at the conference as part of efforts to foster partnerships between business and government.

Zuma visited several exhibits and interacted with several people.

He was led around the marquee by the head of the PBF Renier Schoeman.

The re-elected ANC president did a similar walkabout during June's policy conference in Midrand.

Alexander Forbes and Delloit were some of the companies taking part in Wednesday's exhibit.

Business is hoping for policy clarity by the end of the conference.


Dozens of ANC delegates camped out on the grass, saying they were exhausted after spending more than an hour waiting in the queue to vote.

Many of them are wearing Zuma t-shirts, but the occasional radical change insignia could be seen.

The queues snaked around the fountains at the South Block Building as delegates tried to escape the unbearable heat.

A plenary session on strategy, tactics and organisational renewal was supposed to start around 2pm, but it was not clear if voting would be done by then.