Mantashe: Making predictions is risky

Gwede Mantashe will not predict who will win the elections for the top 6 positions of the ANC.

Gwede Mantashe and Cyril Ramaphosa talk during the announcement of the ANC's Top 6 nominations in Mangaung. Picture: ANC

MANGUANG - Outgoing ANC Secretary General Gwede Mantashe on Tuesday said although they were running slightly behind schedule, proceedings were going well at the party's Mangaung conference.

Around 4,500 delegates attending the ANC's 53rd national conference earlier cast their votes for the top six leaders of the party.

Counting is now underway and a result is expected at around lunchtime on Tuesday.

It is widely expected that incumbent President Jacob Zuma will claim a landslide victory over his current deputy Kgalema Motlanthe.

But Mantashe said he cannot predict who will come out tops, or if he himself will even remain in his position.

"It's too close to the time of announcing results, I don't want to make predictions now. It will be too risky."

He also said proceedings were so far uninterrupted by similar violence seen at some provincial gatherings.

"Things are going relatively well, but we are a little bit behind schedule.

"We're trying to ensure that things are done properly. We'd rather be patient than take shortcuts."

Meanwhile, cabinet minister and ANC national executive member Lindiwe Sisulu said the benefit of some leaders retaining their positions would be their experience in working together.

"There might be one or two disappointments, but generally I think it is a team that will gel.

"It's worked together before and it is important that it is a team that gets on."