NEC to decide delegations' fate

Mathews Phosa confirmed that there are difficult decisions to be made by the ANC.

Mathews Phosa said these are difficult decisions for the ANC.

MANGAUNG - African National Congress (ANC) Treasurer Mathews Phosa said on Saturday that the ANC's National Executive Committee (NEC) was meeting to decide whether the party's North West and Free State delegations will be able to participate in the Mangaung conference.

On Friday, the Constitutional Court said the Free State ANC's June conference was null and void, while the North West High Court ruled on Friday night that it was up to the Mangaung Conference to decide whether North West delegates could take part.

Mathews Phosa said these are difficult decisions for the ANC.

"On the basis of how we understand the judgment, we will debate and, of course, take political decisions.

"They are both awkward judgments for a political organisation."

It could suit some to argue that both delegations should not attend, but President Jacob Zuma's supporters are likely to argue strongly that it would be undemocratic to keep them out.

The NEC will also want to ensure no one is able to legally challenge the outcome of this conference.

Meanwhile, Phosa has slammed claims that the firm VWV wants to liquidate the party because of unpaid debts relating to its centenary celebrations.

He said they were taking advantage of the Mangaung conference.

"If they weren't working for six months, why are they doing it now?

"There's a dispute where they call for mediation themselves.

"We are waiting for mediation to discuss the deliverables from our side and deliverables from their side."