Madiba may soon be discharged

After nearly a week in hospital, it appears Nelson Mandela may soon be discharged.

A file picture of Nelson Mandela. Picture: SAPA

PRETORIA - After nearly a week in hospital, it appears former president Nelson Mandela may soon be discharged to his Houghton home in Johannesburg.

Eyewitness News established on Thursday that Madiba was not being treated at 1 Military Hospital as previously reported, but at a private facility in Pretoria.

The name of the facility is known to Eyewitness News , but this is not being released to respect Madiba's dignity.

Several staff members have confirmed Mandela is being treated there, and that he has received several visitors since being admitted on Saturday.

They include former president Thabo Mbeki, Madiba's wife Graca Machel and Winnie Madikizela-Mandela.

Eyewitness News understands plans were in place last night to discharge Madiba and transport him to his Johannesburg home.

Those were later abandoned when doctors opted to keep him for another night.

Presidency spokesman Mac Maharaj on Thursday said the 94-year-old statesman had been responding well to treatment he had received for a recurring lung infection.

The Nobel Peace Prize laureate served as South Africa's first democratic president and continues to be a source of inspiration to people around the world because of his efforts to unite a segregated country.