Superstars headline at Sandy benefit concert

The Hurricane Sandy Benefit concert took place in New York City on Wednesday night.

The Rolling Stones. Picture:

NEW YORK - Legendary British acts the Rolling Stones, The Whooo and Paul McCartney helped drive the Sandy Benefit concert in Madison Square Garden on Wednesday night.

The New York City concert is being broadcast around the world to two billion people, including in South Africa.

DSTV's National Geographic channel will screen it tonight, while Top TV's Fox will broadcast it tomorrow.

Kanye West performed alongside the Rolling Stones in an epic line-up to raise funds for the storm's victims.

As the musicians performed, celebrities such as Whoopi Goldberg took pledges, while Adam Sandler and actors alike showed-off New York's strengths.

Hurricane Sandy left parts of New York City flooded and left millions of people in several states without heat or electricity for weeks.

Also, scores of people were left homeless when their houses were left damaged or completely destroyed.

125 deaths were recorded during the time of intense weather conditions.