Mangaung may increase mining taxes

ANC says business will have to make compromises to move the country's economy.

A miner. Picture: AFP

JOHANNESBURG - The chair of the ANC's economic transformation commission Enoch Godongwana on Wednesday said business was going to have to be one of the parties that made compromises to get the country's economy moving.

Speaking just days ahead of the ANC's Mangaung conference, he said it was not possible to say whether taxes in the mining sector would increase.

Godongwana said all parties were going to have to give up something to get more people into work.

"Parties must know they will be compromising and they'll have to put something on the table."

But he would not say whether the conference would lead to higher taxes in the mining sector.

"That matter is on the agenda, but as to how it is going to be resolved, I can't say."

This issue could lead to heated debate at Mangaung.