Prisoner talks of journey to sobriety

A Pollsmoor prisoner speaks about her addiction that lead to murder and her rise above it all.

The entrance to the infamous Pollsmoor prison in Cape Town. Picture: Aletta Gardner/EWN

CAPE TOWN - A Pollsmoor prisoner on Tuesday said it was not that difficult to access drugs on the inside.

As part of Lead SA's Drug Watch Campaign, Eyewitness News spoke to a female convict.

Since the launch two weeks ago, police netted more than R5 million worth of contraband and 4, 500 arrests have already been made.

Antonicia Ehlers said her 15 years of substance abuse and crime are finally over as she was on a stringent rehabilitation programme.

Ehlers explained how she used a toxic mixture of Mandrax, Dagga, Tik and alcohol to get a massive high.

"I didn't use one drug at a time, I used all the drugs at the same time."

The 28-year-old said she got hooked at the age of 13 and added she has now had enough of a dangerous life.

"I don't want to back to that life. I look back and think about that life, how I was and I realise I could have died, I should have been dead already."

She detailed how drug addiction led her to commit various crimes, including murder, which has landed her in jail for the second time.

"I got six years for murder."

Ehlers said she only realised the importance of rehabilitation after getting herself into jail a second time.

"It helped me because I asked for help. It all depends on yourself, whether you want to be helped. Here in prison they give you everything, all the help you can get can be given inside."

She admitted drugs are easy to get, even in the confines of the prison walls.

"In prison people get stuff like that because its free."

Ehlers keeps to herself and said she doesn't mind not being part of the in-crowd anymore.

She is positive a drug rehabilitation programme at Pollsmoor prison saved her from death.