R2K to tackle new challenge

The Right2Know Campaign says it will focus on cellphone companies in 2013.

Cellphone. Picture: Stock.xchng.

CAPE TOWN - Civil society group the Right2Know (R2K) Campaign on Monday said it would be focusing on other pressing social issues in 2013.

The organisation was instrumental in coordinating efforts to oppose the controversial Protection of State Information Bill (POSIB).

The campaign's Murray Hunter said the group's next "war" is against the high cost to communicate in South Africa.

"There are secret pricing structures that seem to have been created by the majority of the cellphone companies. They are essentially completely exploiting poor South Africans and ensuring that they can't take part in basic democratic processes."

On Saturday, the Western Cape branch of the campaign said it was planning to intensify its opposition to the contentious POSIB in 2013.

This after they evaluated the 2012 campaign.

The organisation was founded in August 2010 to highlight issues around the so-called 'Secrecy Bill', which many believe will allow the state to muzzle the media and hide information from the public.

Committee leader Roeghshida Pasco said they plan educate the public about the bill.

Earlier in 2012, R2K held candlelight vigils, marches and speeches outside Parliament to highlight their opposition to the bill.

But the proposed law was passed by the National Assembly in November 2011 and last month, the National Council of Provinces also passed an amended version.

Over 800 changes have been made to the info bill.

The ruling party believes the bill is necessary.