Inquiry to determine cause of Dakota crash

A Military Board of Inquiry has been setup to determine the cause of the Dakota crash.

A Dakota aircraft. Picture: EWN

PRETORIA - The South African National Defence Force (SANDF) on Thursday said the 11 victims of the fatal Dakota plane crash were based in several units in Pretoria and Cape Town.

The military board of inquiry convened to investigate the cause of the crash will have to establish why the crew pushed ahead through bad weather over a mountain range.

SANDF confirmed six crew and five passengers were killed when the world war two-era plane went down.

The aircraft and its crew were based at 35 Squadron at Ysterplaat Air Force base in the Western Cape while two additional members were from 44 Squadron in Pretoria.

It remains unclear why a team from Cape Town would be ferrying a team from Pretoria to Mtatha.

The SANDF said the members were from military protection services, but the visit to Mtatha remains unclear.

The board of inquiry will have to establish why the crew flew over the mountain range in poor weather conditions.


Crew Members

Major K. Misrole

Captain Z.M. Smith

Sergeant B.K. Baloyi

Sergeant E. Boes

Sergeant J.M Mamabolo

Corporal L. Mofokeng


Sergeant L. Sobantu

Corporal N.W. Khomo

Corporal A. Matlaila

Corporal M.J. Mthomben

Lance Corporal N.K. Aphane