Former drug abusers speak out

Recovering drug users speak about their experience and what it took to get cleaned up.

Crystal Meth, also known as Tik. Picture:

CAPE TOWN - Some Mitchells Plain recovering drug addicts said on Thursday while they were still craving the high, they can never return to a life of substance abuse.

Eyewitness News and the Cape Argus visited an Out-patient Alcohol and Drug Treatment Centre in Tafelsig on Thursday, as part of Lead SA's Drug Watch initiative.

The facility provides free counselling for 30 to 50 people a month.

Christine, a 41-year-old ex-drug addict has been off Tik for months.

She said the centre gave her a fresh start in life.

However, she said the road to being clean was not easy.

"The addiction got completely out of control. I was paranoid everyday of my life. I decided I was going to give myself one chance. I told myself I would either get clean or kill myself."

Peter, who has also been clean for sometime said the journey to sobriety was a tough one.

"I abused all kinds of drugs before I met my drug of choice, which was Heroin. When I met my drug of choice my life became chaotic and unmanageable, I couldn't do anything without it."

Meanwhile, a grade 6 learner at a Hout Bay school said she cannot understand the hype around drugs and why her friends use them.

Eyewitness News spoke to several learners who are surrounded by drug abusers on the playground and at home.

This pupil, whose identity is being protected, said several of her friends use Tik and their parents know, as they are also drug abusers.

"I also heard from my mother, of all people, that three of the grade 9 girls are pregnant as well."

She said she is focusing on her school work now and is shutting out those who are using drugs around her.

"They see their parents doing it so they think its fine and they try it and become addicted."