'1Time founders don't deserve second chance'

Some former 1Time employees say Blacky Komani and the new directors deserve another chance.

1time closes shop after filing for liquidation on 2 November, 2012. Picture: Sheldon Morais/EWN.

JOHANNESBURG - Former 1Time employees, who want to oppose plans by the airline's founders to start a new low-cost carrier, say they do not deserve another chance.

Glenn Orsmond, Rodney James and Michael Kaminski plan on launching Skywise.

The airline could offer flights between Cape Town and Johannesburg on leased planes.

In November, 1Time was placed under provisional liquidation leaving thousands of would-be passengers stranded ahead of the festive season.

Former customer relations supervisor Candice Dorfling said, "We feel that Blacky [Komani] and the new directors gave 1Time their best, why not give them a second chance?"