EC backs Zuma in ANC nominations

The nomination for party president continues in the North West today.

President Jacob Zuma at the start of the 1st meeting with the newly appointed board members. Union Building, Pretoria 29/11/2012. Elmond Jiyane

JOHANNESBURG - The ANC in the Eastern Cape has backed President Jacob Zuma to lead the party for a second term, with businessman Cyril Ramaphosa as his deputy.

Zuma received 392 votes, while his current deputy Kgalema Motlanthe has 211.

Eastern Cape Local Government MEC Mlibo Qoboshiyane says there needs to be continuity within the ANC.

"The ANC is the ruling organisation and therefore there is a need for certainty and a balance of issues in the Republic of South Africa."

Meanwhile, the Limpopo ANC missed its deadline to nominate those it wants to lead the party for the next five years, after its conference was disrupted on Friday night.

The provincial secretary Soviet Lekganyane said, "Delegates have been invaded by hooligans. The situation is potentially dangerous".

So far, Limpopo's regions have differed in their nominations with some wanting Zuma to retain his position, while others want Motlanthe to take the reins.

In the Western Cape, the ANC adjourned its Provincial General Council in the early hours of Saturday morning without endorsing preferred candidates due to logistical delays.

And in the North West, the ANC said it would only nominate its preferred candidates for the party's leadership conference on Saturday afternoon.