Malema My enemies are confused

Julius Malema claims the case against him is a political conspiracy.

Julius Malema. Picture: SAPA

POLOKWANE - Julius Malema said the state can bring as many charges against him at it likes, but it won't change the fact Jacob Zuma is the wrong president for the country.

Malema and his co-accused appeared in the Polokwane Magistrates Court on Friday where prosecutors added a charge of racketeering against him - A crime which carries a life sentence.

The case was remanded until April and moved to the High Court in Pretoria.

Malema sang 'Kiss the Boer' and told the crowd the case against him was a desperate political plot.

He added that he was not scared of the life sentence which the racketeering charge carries as it won't stick.

"I stand before you and I do not have butterflies in my stomach. I do not panic that I will be arrested."

His lawyers revealed in court they wrote to the head of the National Prosecuting Authority claiming the case is a political conspiracy hatched at a meeting with politicians in Cape Town.

Malema said he will prove this plot against him in court.