2,000 stranded at CT harbour

About 2000 passengers are stranded aboard a vessel at the Cape Town harbour due to wild winds.

The Sinfonia cruise ship. Picture: Msccruises.co.za

CAPE TOWN - Around 2,000 people are stranded on a luxury cruise ship at Cape Town harbour.

The vessel was supposed to leave for Walvis Bay in Namibia on Wednesday, but remained stuck in the harbour due to strong winds.

Making matters worse, all shops and casinos on the vessel are closed.

Sinfonia passenger Fred Hofman said, "If they allowed the shops and casino to be open, we could function normally until Monday, but now we're stuck. In addition, immigration doesn't want to let us off the ship and the captain doesn't want to let the ship out of the harbour because of the wind."

Meanwhile, the "Cape doctor" is causing havoc across the Peninsula, with at least one roof having been blown to the ground.

Forecaster Henning Grobler said, "We're looking at wind speeds already doing 20 knots - that's about 35/40 kilometres per hour and it will increase during the course of the day to around 35 knots, which is about 60 kilometres an hour."

On Thursday, gusts exceeding 100 kilometres an hour saw people in the Cape Town CBD being blown above the ground.