'Task team needed for ATM bombings'

ISS say it will take a task team of various police units to tackle the scourge in WC ATM bombings.

FILE PICTURE: CCTV footage shows robbers using a blowtorch on an ATM machine. Picture: Supplied

CAPE TOWN - Institute for Security Studies (ISS) on Wednesday said a dedicated task team is needed to tackle ATM bombings in the Western Cape.

Criminals bombed three cash machines in the province in recent weeks.

Earlier this year dozens of ATMs were attacked, most of them in the Goodwood area.

Historically, ATM bombings are an unusual crime for the Cape.

The ISS' senior crime researcher Johan Burger said, "What we've seen in the past is that the only way to address this is by setting up a dedicated task team comprised of various units within the police service."

He said the number of cash machine bombings across the country has decreased this past year.

"It's decreased from 400 to just about 200, which bring what's happening in the Western Cape into question."

ATM bombings took place in Southfield, near Plumstead, Mitchells Plain and more recently in Blue Downs.

On Wednesday police remained silent over whether a syndicate was responsible for the ATM bombings.