Police prepared for farm strikes

Law enforcement officials are on standby to assist with the looming farmworkers' strike.

Law enforcement officials are on standby to assist in the looming farmworkers strike.

CAPE TOWN - Western Cape Police Commissioner Arno Lamoer on Thursday said they are well prepared for the next farmworkers' strike in the province.

It is understood hundreds of workers are set to down tools next Tuesday for better wages.

Government says it will not be able to review farmworkers' salaries until 2013.

Earlier in November, violent strikes left two people dead.

The strikes first broke out in De Doorns before spreading to 16 farming towns.

Lamoer said they are ready for anything.

"All the forces are ready for deployment. We have members on standby at all the police stations. Our public order police will be deployed as of this Sunday."

He added they would not tolerate a violent strike.

"We have no problem if people want to protest, but they must do it within the boundaries of the law."

The previous industrial action saw vineyards being torched and shops looted.