One in four can't afford medical aid

More South Africans are ditching medical aid because they cannot afford the premiums.

More South Africans are without medical aid as they cannot afford the premiums.

CAPE TOWN - A new poll shows one in four South Africans can no longer afford medical aid.

The Just Money Flash Survey indicates a growing number of people are forced to ditch their medical aid as they do not have the money to pay rising premium costs.

Around 25 percent of respondents say they cannot pay their monthly payments.

A further 17 percent indicated they have not reviewed their scheme cover for at least five years.

Just Money's Angelique Ruzicka says the findings are of concern.

"This proves that the soaring cost of medical aid is forcing many people to give up vital health cover because they just don't have the money to pay for higher premiums."

Meanwhile, government is expected to introduce the National Health Insurance (NHI) which will ensure all South Africans have access to essential healthcare.