New 'fishy ad' to be released

The Fish and Chips Co. says it will be releasing a new television advert next week.

A screenshot from the Fish and Chip Co. advert.

JOHANNESBURG - Taste Holdings, which owns The Fish and Chip Co. on Wednesday said it will be releasing a new television advert next week.

This was after the controversy over its previous Dinner Time at Nkandla cartoon commercial this week.

The ad shows President Jacob Zuma having dinner with his wives and children in the Nkandla mansion.

He is then seen calculating the price of the dinner for all his family members and says Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan would be impressed with his saving strategies.

Paul Warner from ad agency, Metropolitan Republic Group, maintained the commercial is not offensive.

"It wasn't derogatory in any other way you know, we didn't take any low blows or anything like that.

"And we felt it was in a very good nature because it actually spoke to Zuma and his team looking after the budget," said Warner.

On Monday night, the SABC pulled the ad, which parodies the Nkandla saga just two hours before it was scheduled to be flighted.

Taste Holdings CEO Carlo Gonzaga said, "The main reason really is that the ad is intended on portraying our brand in a humourous way that is socially relevant.

"The controversy that erupted around it isn't really what we were intending."

The company has since cancelled the advert.