OUTA: Sanral claims are ‘nonsense’

Wednesday is the third and final day of the judicial review for the controversial e-toll project.

Opposition to Urban Tolling Alliance chairperson Wayne Duvenage listens to presentations at the e-Toll hearings. Picture: Taurai Maduna/EWN

PRETORIA - The Opposition to Urban Tolling Alliance (OUTA) dismissed as "absolute nonsense," a claim by the South African Roads Agency (Sanral) that e-tolling cannot be undone.

The alliance's Wayne Duvenhage said, "We believe that e-tolling has not yet started and has not been able to start up until now, contrary to what they said in the Constitutional Court that they could start within two weeks. They still cannot start today."

Wednesday sees the third and final day of a judicial review of the controversial project, being held at the North Gauteng High Court.

OUTA has argued that meaningful consultation never occured, while Sanral claimed the public knew exactly what was happening, but stood by and did nothing.

Sanral's advocate David Unterhalter said the court application had no consequence.

Meanwhile, Sanral on Tuesday described attempts to stop e-tolling four or more years after the project was first announced as "heroic but pointless".

Sanral rejected allegations that millions of people were kept in the dark about e-tolling and they were robbed of an opportunity to object meaningfully.

Unterhalter slammed links between e-tolling and the 2010 Soccer World Cup as highly "irresponsible and wrong".

Unterhalter also said suggestions that Sanral deceived millions of Gauteng motorists were little more than a conspiracy theory.

The advocate took the court through some of the articles that appeared in newspapers at the time.

Sanral also accused the alliance of dramatically changing its case after the Constitutional Court criticised its original argument.

The National Treasury will argue their case next before OUTA makes its closing arguments on Wednesday.

Judgement is not expected immediately.