Gang-shooting victim fighting for his life

The six-year-old boy shot in a Hanover Park gang crossfire remains in critical condition.

FILE PICTURE: The victim of a 2011 gang shooting in Hanover Park. Picture: Aletta Gardner/EWN

CAPE TOWN - A six-year-old boy wounded in gang crossfire in Hanover Park remains in a serious condition at the Red Cross Children's Hospital.

He underwent emergency surgery after he was admitted on Sunday.

The hospital's Lauren O'Conner-May said medical staff were keeping a close eye on him.

"The six-year-old boy was admitted and sent into theatre to remove the bullet. He is currently in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) in a critical condition."

Two people died in several shootings in Hanover Park over the weekend.

A teenager was also shot dead in an apparent drive-by shooting in Delft.

The Hanover Park Community Policing Forum's (CPF) Weldon Cameron said these shootings once again highlight the problems with gangsterism in the area.

"We are sick and tired of this gun and gang violence. We have to unite and work towards peace."

Meanwhile, the Hanover Park CPF on Monday said the latest spate of gang related shootings in the area has put the community on edge again.

Two weeks ago, the residents marched against the shooting in their area.

They said the violence is affecting schooling in the area as children are forced to stay at home.

Over 25 people have been killed in gang violence in recent months.

Police Commissioner Arno Lamoer said it's high time all role players stop criticising and start working together to solve the problem.

He added it was shocking that innocent people were still being caught up in gang fights.

Earlier this year, Premier Helen Zille asked the police minister to deploy the army to gang-infested areas, but he refused.