Report on farm strikes completed

The Labour Ministry will now study the report on the recent wave of violent protests in the province.

The Labour Ministry will go through a report into the latest violent farm protests in the Western Cape.

CAPE TOWN - The Department of Labour is expected to study a report on the recent farmworkers' strike in the Western Cape.

The document was compiled by the Agriculture Department in the wake of the violent industrial action which hit parts of the province earlier in November.

The document is also expected to be scrutinised by Cabinet.

Two people lost their lives in the violent strike which started in De Doorns before spreading to 16 other towns.

Protesters also looted shops and torched vineyards.

Farmworkers were demanding pay hikes.

Meanwhile, the Western Cape Agriculture Department's Wouter Kriel said the strike and associated unrest was a serious setback, particularly for several emerging farmers in the Ceres region.

"At the moment, the damage is estimated at around R2,5 million. It's ironic that the amount that we've invested in those projects, is more or less the same as the damages that were caused recently."

On Friday, Agriculture MEC Gerrit van Rensberg visited affected farmers in Ceres.

The MEC promised to assist those hardly hit by the strike.