Dewani gunman 'shows no remorse'

Xolile Mngeni continues to show no remorse after being found guilty of killing Anni Dewani in 2010.

Anni Dewani's killer, Xolile Mngeni, speaks to his lawyer in the Western Cape High Court on 26 November 2012 during his sentencing proceedings. Picture: Aletta Gardner/EWN

CAPE TOWN - A Western Cape High Court judge on Monday said unlike his accomplices, Anni Dewani's killer Xolile Mngeni has shown no remorse.

Mngeni, who was found guilty of firing the shot that killed the British honeymooner, will be sentenced next week Wednesday.

Earlier on Wednesday, the cancer sufferer's lawyer called a doctor to the stand in a bid to lessen his sentence.

She testified that while Mngeni's rare brain tumour is no longer visible, it may return and prove fatal.

But the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA)'s Eric Ntabazalila said prosecutors want Mngeni to serve life behind bars.

"Despite all that, we are still asking for a life sentence to be imposed on Mngeni. He has not shown any remorse. Even today, when he was asked by the judge, he still believes he is not guilty."

The 28-year-old was shot dead in staged hijacking in 2010.

Her husband, Shrien, is the alleged mastermind of the crime.

However, he has denied any involvement in the matter and is reportedly suffering from post-traumatic stress in London.

The NPA is trying to get Shrien extradited to South Africa to face trial.

Two others cut a deal with the state and are serving lengthy sentences for their part in the murder.