Arms Deal Commission mum on findings

The Arms Deal Commission are working closely with foreign agencies in Sweden, UK and Germany.

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IRENE - The arms deal commission on Saturday said it met with foreign agencies that were also probing alleged corruption in the procurement of military vehicles and equipment by the SA government in 2009.

The commission said it's already received 4.5 million documents from government institutions along with the information from investigative agencies abroad.

Commission head Willie Seriti said some of those subpoenaed to appear before the commission has also testified in the foreign investigations.

"The commission could not ignore the crucial information and evidence that could have been amassed by these investigative bodies."

The probes are being conducted by the public prosecutor's office in Sweden, the serious fraud office in the United Kingdom, and other institutions in Germany.

Though Seriti has confirmed they've liaised with these institutions, he wouldn't say if they've made any findings in their investigations.