HRC and Dept to discuss Lenasia demolitions

HRC and Housing Dept will discuss an out of court settlement in the Lenasia demolitions case.

A woman watches as a house in Lenasia is demolished on 19 November 2012. Picture: iWitness

JOHANNESBURG - A meeting to discuss an out of court settlement for the Lenasia demolition case has been scheduled to take place on Wednesday.

Plans of a settlement between the Human Rights Commission (HRC) and the Gauteng Local Government and Housing Department emerged in the South Gauteng High Court.

It was also decided that there will be no further demolitions after more than 80 structures built on government owned land were demolished over the past two weeks.

The disputed land was bought through an alleged syndicate which has seen the arrest of at least 7 people including some housing officials.

The HRC's Kayum Ahmed said the latest developments are positive.

"The major victory is that no demolitions will take place not only in Extension 13 where demolitions have started, but across Lenasia."