Metro cops: Nowhere to run for drunk drivers

Authorities prepare for road blocks & driver testing ahead of the festive season.

Roadblock. Picture: Sapa.

CAPE TOWN - The City of Cape Town's metro police have different systems in place to clamp down on drunk drivers this festive season, officials said on Sunday.

Deputy chief Yolande Faro said law enforcement officers are aware of motorists warning each other of roadblocks on social media networks.

Police officers arrested 51 suspects for drunk driving during operations and patrols across the city over the weekend.

Faro said it was important that motorist knew they would not get away with driving under the influence.

"There won't only be static roadblocks, so that people can warn one another via social networks. People also see the lights from a distance and take a detour - this is why we will stop people randomly."

She said this was a warning to all drunk drivers.

"We will also have checks to see whether motorists are over the legal limit and roaming roadblocks. We don't want people to just expect that metro police or traffic services to be at roadblocks, because that will not be the case."

The deputy police chief said they would do everything in their power to ensure the number of drunk drivers decreased.

"We will also patrol outside places of entertainment to see if there are people who are driving drunk. We will drive along other routes that people take, stop them and check whether they are over the legal limit."