Gay man fights off would-be killer

A man who believes he escaped from someone targetting the gay community has told of his experience.

Eight Gauteng gay men who are believed to have been killed by a syndicate targetting the gay community. Picture: The Star

PRETORIA - A man who believes he escaped from a member of a gang targetting the gay community has told Eyewitness News about his experience.

The man, who asked to remain anonymous, said he met his assailant in July after agreeing to a sexual encounter.

The victim said his would-be killer arrived at his home, but was "not able to perform in the bedroom".

He said it was after the failed sexual encounter that the man became violent.

But his captor eventually fled his home after he fought back.

"I wrestled [a] gun away from him, I don't know where I got that power from. He also tried to strangle me with his hands and I passed out four times."

The victim said the "white light" people often talk about was not something that happened only in the movies.

Scratch and bite marks are still visible on the victim's elbows, neck and face.

The alleged victim has passed on the information to the police task team investigating the crimes.

Three people have been arrested in connection with three of the murders committed last year.

Officials are also looking into the possibility that a gang may be behind other incidents nationwide.