Evidence shows Marikana miners fired shots

Police evidence presented at the Marikana inquiry shows that miners did shoot at police.

Ian Farlam listens to comments made on day one of the Farlam Commission into the Marikana shooting. Picture: Taurai Maduna/EWN.

MARIKANA - Evidence presented to the Farlam Commission of Inquiry by police on Thursday showed that Marikana miners opened fire during the bloodbath in August.

Another police crime scene expert testified about the cartridges he found near the Koppie.

At least 34 miners were shot dead during clashes with police, during an illegal protest for higher salaries.

Previously, the commission was shown that five pistols were recovered from the protesters.

Warrant Officer Patrick Tamai said he found pistol cartridges.

"[I found] 31 pistol cartridges."

This means miners did open fire, but not nearly as much as the police.

At least 210 rifle cartridges were found at the particular scene where 16 protesters were gunned down.

The police maintain they had no other option but to protect themselves against the angry Lonmin miners.

The commission was given four months to complete its investigation.

Retired judge Ian Farlam and his team were tasked with finding out what led to violence on that day and in preceding weeks.

A total of 47 people were killed during unrest in the North West mining town.