Gang linked to gay murders - police

Gauteng police warned that the group could be responsible for murders in other cities.

Eight gay men killed in Gauteng. Picture: The Star.

JOHANNESBURG - Eyewitness News can reveal that police believe a gang could be responsible for the murder of four gay men.

It was initially believed the group was only operating in Gauteng, but it has emerged that the gang operates across the country.

Police also confirmed that the group is robbing and killing wealthy gay men.

Gauteng head of detectives Major-General Norman Taioe said, "We are also looking at the possibility of linking these investigations with those in other cities with similar problems."

On Thursday morning, Eyewitness News revealed police are hunting for the gang and have warned the gay community to be wary of who they invite into their homes.

In 2011, The Star newspaper reported on eight murders which appeared to be linked.

Police say they only have evidence that four are directly connected at this stage.

Over the weekend, three men were arrested in connection with the murder of Orange Grove resident Barney van Heerden, who was bound and murdered in his home back in September 2011.