Zuma calls for Cabinet salary freeze

President Jacob Zuma told Parliament that ministers should freeze salaries in solidarity with the poor.

President Jacob Zuma has told MPs that his Cabinet should freeze salaries in solidarity with the poor.

CAPE TOWN - President Jacob Zuma on Thursday reiterated that government ministers and their deputies should have their salaries frozen for a year.

Answering questions in Parliament, he stated this would be done in solidarity with the country's poor in the wake of ongoing wage strikes in the mining, transport and agriculture sectors.

In October, Zuma also urged business leaders to consider freezing their salaries.

He said this is crucial in helping to ease labour tensions.

"Cabinet has committed itself to a salary freeze and the Forum of South African Directors-General has indeed endorsed the call of a salary freeze."

Zuma said significant progress has also been made in dealing with the impact of illegal strikes in the mining industry.

Many have criticised the president for upgrading his Nkandla home at an estimated R200 million, while many are without homes and jobs.

Zuma maintains he has done nothing wrong.