UJ sick note scammers will face 'fair' punishment

The University of Johannesburg says its disciplinary measures should not destroy the lives of students.

The University of Johannesburg in Auckland Park. Picture: www.uj.co.za

JOHANNESBURG - The University of Johannesburg (UJ) on Sunday said while it will punish students implicated in the fake sick note saga there, its disciplinary measures should not destroy their lives.

One of the UJ students was charged with fraud, as it emerged he was allegedly behind the scam.

The student and his accomplices are accused of selling bogus doctors' certificates for R100.

Names of the bogus doctors used include Dr Dre, Dr Barrak Hussein and Dr Shy K Rowling.

But deputy vice chancellor Adam Habib said around 400 other students involved in the scam would not be as harshly punished.

He said they were not likely to be given a chance to re-write the exams they missed, which could lead to students repeating particular modules.