Out wants proof of serial killer task team

Out has called for a meeting with police to discuss progress on the gay serial killer task team.

The eight men who were killed by a serial killer in Gauteng. Picture: The Star

JOHANNESBURG - Gay rights group Out on Friday said it wants definitive proof that a task team has been assembled to investigate the murders of eight gay men across Gauteng.

In 2011, The Star newspaper reported that the various crimes could be linked due to numerous similarities in the way the men were murdered.

However, it was only this week that the Police Ministry announced there is a common suspect in four of the crimes, indicating a serial killer may still be on the loose.

In a Parliamentary response, the ministry revealed a four man task team was established in March to investigate the murders.

Out's Dawie Nel has called for a meeting with police to ensure investigations are going ahead.

"These men being murdered can quite easily be disregarded because they are gay or because of prejudice from the side of the police. We hope that there can be justice for the victims and their families."