Christian holidays are here to stay - Pandor

A group of people from various churches demonstrated at Constitution Hill on Saturday.

Home Affairs Minister Naledi Pandor. Picture: Giovanna Gerbi/EWN

JOHANNESBURG - Home Affairs Minister Naledi Pandor was on Saturday handed a memorandum demanding that government not do away with Christian holidays.

A group of people from various churches, led by the African Christian Democratic Party leader Kenneth Meshoe, demonstrated at Constitution Hill.

The protesters said their march is part of defending the holidays, after it emerged that the commission for protection of cultural and religious communities is doing public hearings to see if a majority of South Africans support the call for the scrapping of Christian holidays.

Pandor assured the demonstrators that the removal of holidays from the calendar is not an easy exercise.

“The matter of public holidays is not one that is easily dealt with.

“It is a complex matter; it involves business and trade unions, so any change has to be considered extremely carefully.”

Meanwhile, Meshoe said Christmas and Easter are an important part of the nation.

“We are here today, saying, ‘hands off Christmas’.

“We believe that when the calendar of a nation reflects the conviction of the majority of the citizens, then that is not discriminatory at all.”