Student fee fraud at Maties

An investigation is underway at Stellenbosch University after mismanagment of student fees.

Stellenbosch University. Picture:

CAPE TOWN - Stellenbosch University said on Thursday it will not yet divulge details of the investigation into mismanagement of funds in its student fees office.

The university confirmed with Eyewitness News, that an investigation is underway and the department's Deputy Director Chris de Beer was suspended as a result.

According to campus sources it is alleged he transferred student funds into a personal bank account to draw interest.

The university's Mohammed Shaikh said the outcome is dependent on the investigation.

"Mr De Beer has been suspended pending the outcome of the disciplinary hearing. The hearing is in connection with alleged non compliance with university rules and financial procedures. The investigation is in process and until such time that we have the outcome of the investigation, it is difficult to comment on this matter in any way."

It is unclear how much money is involved.

But it is understood that documents were confiscated from his office this week after his suspension a week ago.

De Beer headed up a division which focuses on financial matters relating to students, including student fees and student accounts.