Ga-Rankuwa residents affected by hail storm

Hundreds of houses in Ga-Rankuwa are without hot water because their homes were affected by hail storms.

Hail covers a car park in Woodmead after heavy storms on 6 September 2012. Picture: Mike O'Donoghue/iWitness

PRETORIA - A hail storm, which swept over parts of Tshwane on Friday, left hundreds of households in Ga-Rankuwa, north of Pretoria, without hot water.

On Thursday, golf ball-sized chunks of ice shattered the glass tubes of solar geysers mounted on roofs.

The municipality installed the energy saving devices as part of a massive 'Greening the city' project.

Vusi Khumalo said the storm left him without hot water. He said his whole community was affected.

"About 2,000 houses have broken windows and broke geysers."

The hail stones shattered the thin glass tubes on the geysers, one house after the other, at almost every street.

Khumalo's neighbour Tsepo Lebulwana said the inconvenience will increase his electricity bill.

"We don't have hot water so I use my kettle."

The community appealed to the municipality for help.