KNP anthrax outbreak ‘under control’

SANParks says infected animals have been quarantined and the disease was under control.

A hippo. Picture:

JOHANNESBURG - The Kruger National Park is trying to contain anthrax-infected animals at the park after 30 hippos recently died from the highly contagious disease.

SANParks announced on Monday that most of the hippos at the park were discovered to have the disease, while other infected animals were noticed in August this year.

Spokesman Reynold Thakhuli said the strain, that only affects animals, reared its head at least once a decade.

Thakhuli called on visitors to the park to help with containment efforts.

He urged those who came across animal carcasses to alert their nearest camp.

He said the disease was under control and that known infected animals had been quarantined.

In a previous outbreak in 2010, the Nxanatseni region, around 2000 animals were killed.