W.Cape farm workers block N1

Motorists have been urged to avoid the N1 as it is blocked by protesting farm workers.

The N1 highway between Cape Town and Beaufort West. Picture: Aletta Gardner/EWN

CAPE TOWN - Western Cape police are monitoring the situation on the N1 Highway in De Doorns where thousands of farm workers have blocked the road.

Motorists are being diverted away from the highway between Touws River and De Doorns.

It is understood the demonstrators are upset about how much they are getting paid.

The police's Andre Traut says, "A large crowd of approximately 8,000 farm workers have blocked the N1. The road has been closed between Touws River and De Doorns and traffic is rerouted to Ceres. At this stage, there's no violence.'

The entire country has been plagued by violent protests in recent months.