UJ investigate fake sick notes

UJ and police are investigating the source of fake sick notes which has caused a stir.

University of Johannesburg (UJ) Kingsway Campus. Picture: UJ.AC.ZA

JOHANNESBURG - The University of Johannesburg (UJ) on Thursday said it wants the person responsible for providing fake sick notes to students to face the law.

UJ and the police are investigating after it emerged several students in the accounting department submitted strikingly similar doctors notes.

It was discovered that none of the doctors existed.

On a list published by UJ, the names of a US President, a bestselling author and a popular rapper we all used as so called medical practitioners.

Deputy vice chancellor Adam Habib said the fake sick notes are being investigated and students will face disciplinary hearings.

"We will also try and investigate the matter to see if we can identify who is the provider of these fraudulent certificates. If we do, we will definitely ensure they face the full ambit of the law."

Police are assisting with the probe the topic is causing a stir on twitter with students sharing stories on how easy it is to buy sick notes.