Barnard vows to keep fighting

SAPS has won its discrimination appeal against Renate Barnard.

Renate Barnard. Picture: Solidarity Media.

PRETORIA - The South African Police Service (SAPS) won its appeal in a discrimination case on Friday.

Pretoria based officer Renate Barnard originally applied for a position as superintendent in 2005, but was allegedly denied the post because of her race.

She took the matter to the labour court in 2006, and the court eventually ruled in her favour last year, but the SAPS appealed that ruling.

Lieutenant Colonel Barnard was eventually promoted in 2010, but not as a result of the court action.

However had the SAPS lost its appeal on Friday it would have had to give her salary back payments for the past six years.

On Friday morning, Judge Basheer Wagley ruled in favour of the SAPS, meaning there is no obligation to provide any compensation for that time period.

An emotional Barnard told Eyewitness News she will continue the fight.

"The constitution says you cannot discriminate against anyone whether race or gender. So, we're not going to leave it and it is not the end of the road."

Barnard's union, Solidarity, is set to take the judgement to the Constitutional Court.