Doctored notes land students in hot water

Some University of Johannesburg students could face disciplinary action following the sick note saga.

The University of Johannesburg. Picture:

JOHANNESBURG - The controversy surrounding fake sick notes continues at the University of Johannesburg (UJ) on Thursday, with some students facing disciplinary action.

The university issued a list of so-called "practitioners" whose names featured on the fake letters.

Police were also called in to solve the issue.

A note was posted on UJ's internal network, warning accounting students that an extensive investigation found some of them submitted fake doctors' notes.

Some of the names featured on the list include a Dr Barrak Hussein and Dr Shy K Rowling.

UJ Deputy Vice Chancellor Adam Habib said, "On investigating the matter, we found that in a number of cases, the practitioners who were said to have given out the notes don't exist."

On social networking site Twitter, the hashtag #UJSickNoteSaga was the top trending topic in South Africa.

Meanwhile, Johannesburg's Wits University said it was not affected by the bogus letters.