Pensioners furious after long wait

Elsies River pensioners & disability grant recipients had to wait several hours to receive payouts.

As part of the International Day for senior citizens, community members from the Hammersdale area held a march against elderly abuse at the Mpumalamga Stadium in Hammersdale which started at KwaMagaba Hall. The stadium was packed with the elderly coming from all parts of KZN to celebrate the day. Picture: GCIS.

CAPE TOWN - Many pensioners and disability grant recipients were furious on Thursday after having waited for hours to receive their payouts at the Elsies River Civic Centre.

The SA Social Services Agency (SASSA) allegedly registered new recipients and paid out grants simultaneously, which resulted in the delays.

An elderly, visually-impaired woman fainted because there was no shade for those who waited in the snaking queue.

Some recipients told Eyewitness News that loan sharks pushed their clients through the gates, so they could get outstanding debt payments quickly.

Several alleged money-lenders are pacing up and down with books in hand.

When they were approached by Eyewitness News , many denied that money exchanged hands and this was further backed by some recipients.

But others said some people go home with nothing, as outstanding debts have to be settled immediately.