CPT to change MyCiti payment scheme

MyCiti will roll out a new fare system next year where commuters will be charged per distance travelled.

MyCiti bus service. Picture: City of Cape Town

CAPE TOWN - MyCiti bus passengers will be charged according to the distance they travel from next year, the City of Cape Town's transport committee said on Wednesday.

Currently commuters are charged a standard fee, depending on the route they travel.

The new fee, which is yet to be announced, was addressed in a full council sitting.

Transport Mayoral Committee member Brett Herron said: "In March next year, we'll introduce the full fare system, which is a distance based fare system rather than the flat fare system that is currently used. Current users are charged R10.60 on the trunk and R5.30 on the feeder. The fares charged [next year] will be on the distance travelled."

He said passengers who do not tap their smart cards when they climb on or off the bus will also be penalised.

"If a passenger does not tap out when they disembark, the system doesn't know how far they've travelled and when they tap into the system on another occasion, the back office will charge them the maximum fare for the journey they travelled."