Lekota gets booted from Parliament

In a dramatic scence, Cope Leader Mosioua Lekota got booted from Parliament.

COPE President Mosioua Lekota. Picture: EWN.

CAPE TOWN - A row erupted over Congress of the People's (Cope) MP Mosioua Lekota's comments about President Jacob Zuma, which resulted in him being booted from the National Assembly.

Last week Lekota accused Jacob Zuma of not adhering to the constitution.

It relates to the presidents refusal to release transcripts of secret recordings, which led to corruption charges against him being dropped three years ago.

In a series of dramatic events, Deputy Speaker Nomaindia Mfeketo ordered Lekota to leave the National Assembly, after he refused to withdraw his criticism of the president.

When Democratic Alliance (DA) MP Watty Watson tried to speak on the issue, he too was cut short.

Mfeketo said, "I am not going to entertain this matter."

Watson responded by saying, "Is there no freedom of speech in your house then?"

Cheers erupted from others in the National Assembly before Mfeketo asked Lekota to get out.

"Honourable Lekota, can you please leave the chamber."

The DA accused both the deputy speaker and the ANC of making a mockery of parliament.

While Lekota said he had the right to criticise the president, the ruling party countered by saying the Cope MP has been making misleading statements about Zuma.