Zuma drops suit against Zapiro

President Jacob Zuma has decided to withdraw his defamation suit against cartoonist Zapiro.

Cartoonist, Jonathan Shapiro, also known as Zapiro.

JOHANNESBURG - President Jacob Zuma on Sunday withdrew the suit against cartoonist Jonathan 'Zapiro' Shapiro and the Sunday Times for damages related to the controversial Lady Justice rape cartoon.

Zuma launched a R5 million defamation suit against Zapiro in 2010 after claiming that the cartoon, published in 2008, infringed upon his right to dignity and left him feeling humiliated.

The amount was recently brought down to R100,000 and Zuma wanted an apology from the cartoonist.

The president agreed to pay half of Sunday Times' legal costs after he dropped all charges.

The demand for an apology was also dropped.

The trial was due to start in the South Gauteng High Court on Monday, but now the suit will be formally withdrawn.

Sunday Times lawyer Dario Milo said Zuma did the right thing and that the decision was significant for media freedom.